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  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Optical Networks
  • Cybersecurity Solutions

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Time Tested

Optical Networks

We will sit with you to understand your needs and help you achieve the speed and bandwidth your customers expect. Lumen delivers systems with unmatched reach, capacity, power and spectral efficiency that exceeds the requirements of the most demanding networks.

Cybersecurity Solutions


Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Phishing Assesment
Server and Workstation Patching
Firewall and Security Management
Platform Configuration Assessment
Internal and External Vulnerability Testing
Policy Review / Testing
Total Security Assessments


noun - Physics

  • the SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform source of one candela.

Lumen (A Texas Corporation) has been providing turn-key solutions for our customers with data centers, wireless & optical networks across a variety of industries since 2006.  We are a leading global distributor of Optical and Data Center Infrastructure & Solutions.  We have a stellar track record of providing equipment and services to build, connect, integrate, test and secure critical networks and data infrastructure across the globe.